Now, a couple of words about myself

My name is Rafał Nebelski and among many of my passions the one I think I’m most dedicated to is photography. It started from my childhood, as my father was a passionate photographer and he was the one to show me that exciting world, and for a little boy like myself it was quite mysterious and magical. And this kind of feeling has remained with me until today.
So, I'm a photographer, as simple as this!

I hate the divisions in the field of photography. Of course there are specializations. In my case, sometime I take pictures of nature, while on other times I make a commercial culinary, product or architectural sessions. And these diverse topics make me happy, for I do not want to limit myself. When I am behind the camera, the world is changing - the images got created in my head, the imagination keeps working at the highest speed. I think I can tell you what topics I am most devoted to – it’s landscape, nature, wild places untouched by man. Nature is unique and fascinating, a bit menacing and friendly at the same time. Keeps changing, and always is different. You can present it with no stopping, again and again. It will never get me bored. While, on the other hand, such topics like documentary, reportage - man and his emotions, his ups and downs. It’s also exciting, it's all photography! So, how not to love it? Well, I think I’m mad about the Photography!

Prizes and awards

  • International Photography Award IPA 2017 – 5 Honorable Mentioned Awards
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2017 – Bronze Winner – Nature Category
  • Siena International Photo Awards 2017 – finalist
  • Neutral Density Photography Awards (ND Awards) 2016 – 9 Awards (Honorable Mentioned Honors)
  • International Photography Award IPA 2016 – 2nd place – Category: Nature
  • International Photography Award IPA 2016 – Best of Show winner
  • International Photography Award IPA 2016 – 4 Honorable Mentioned Awards in the categories: People: Portrait; Advertising: Self-Promotion; Nature: Landscapes and Fine Art: Landscape
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2016 – Gold Winner – Earth Category
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2016 – Gold Winner – Landscape Category
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2016 – Gold Winner – Product Category
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2016 – Silver Winner – Advertising/Other Category
  • Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) 2016 – Honorable Mentioned 3 times in the categories: Portrait, Advertising and Nature
  • Moscow International Foto Awards MIFA 2016 – Honorable Mentioned in 3 categories: Music, Landscape and Buildings
  • International Photography Award IPA 2015 – Honorable Mentioned 2 times in category: Architecture


  • International Photography Awards Book No. 16 (2017)
  • Annual Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) Book No. 10 (2016)
  • Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2016
  • Digital Camera Polska
  • Pokochaj Forografię


  • IPA 2016 Best of Show New York Exhibition
  • Chengdu China 2016 (IPA 2016 Best of Show Curated Exhibition)
  • Manila, Philippines (IPA 2016 Best of Show Curated Exhibition)

My Equipment

I keep using Canon and Olympus cameras and, in my opinion, they are complementary. I am of the opinion that the well-known large-scale full-frame reflex cameras in the next few years will go away. So far, however, I still can not imagine myself working without them. On the other hand, the Micro Four Thirds System from Olympus, is often underestimated and seen with a patch of amateur equipment, but I believe it’s a great solution for everyday work with the camera. I’m not going to leave this topic and I will definitely discuss it on the blog.

Recently I’ve started to use my DJI's dron and it became a companion of my travels. Aerophotography and new perspectives from the use of these flying devices are truly endless. However, this is a device that requires control and focus. You must be familiar with aviation law and the use of drones. Moreover, if you want to fly a commercial, you have to obtain a Qualification Certificate. I already have UAVO VLOS certificates.

My other equipment includes tripods, neutral density graduated filters, polarizing filters, remote releases, etc. In my studio work I rely on the Elinchrom lamp system, and in the open air I use the Elinchrom generator.

I use Wacom Intuos tablet to edit my pictures. This is a device without which, in my opinion, one can not properly and efficiently develop digital negatives.

Software I use

Well, there is nothing surprising here - Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Capture One, Nik Collection


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