Hańba! in concert

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16 maja 2017
Madeira Island
16 maja 2017

Hańba! (Disgrace!) in concert

Music band Hańba! (Disgrace!) - the pictures is the result of a documentary session, taken during their concert at the National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw.

Below you will find an introduction to the concert, done by the musicians themselves:

„In the year 1931 in the Cracovian quarter of Podgórze a new street band came into being. Far from ordinary, it was a group of defiant musicians who decided to use their song to denounce the corruption, violence and iniquity of interwar Poland, a reality far more complicated than one could imagine today.

With the support of street instruments (banjo, drums, accordion, tuba) and a bunch of interwar poets (Tuwim, Brzechwa, Broniewski), four Cracovian performers impersonate imaginary characters and combine musical inspirations (punk, folk, klezmer) to tell their own tale about the most poetic period in the history of Poland.

Their debut long-play album released in a CD and a vinyl format on 7th of February 2016 (or 1936, as they would have it) was produced by a legendary Polish independent record label Antena Krzyku (www.antenakrzyku.pl) in cooperation with Karoryfer Lecolds (www.karoryfer.com).

In 2015 Hańba! performed at a number of festivals, amongst others the Off Festival in Katowice and the 36. Euroradio Folk Festival – EtnoKraków. Their concert in Nikiszowiec was recorded by KEXP. In 2016 the band will not slow down, it will gain momentum!”*

* following describtion comes from karoryfer.com/hanba